CashBlog Review:  Education About “All Things Money”

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Building a healthy, productive mindset about money can be a vital part of long-term stability and success. CashBlog is a website designed to address the full spectrum of financial education. Visitors to the site can read hundreds of articles on dozens of topics for free, gaining valuable insight into many aspects of the financial industry and positive practices with money.

“We try to distinguish ourselves from other websites in the field by using personal experience whenever possible to offer actionable insights about money,” CashBlog founders said. “We don’t simply tell you what advertisers want you to hear. We tell you our personal experience so that you have a perspective that comes from actual expertise and not just an advertiser’s sales pitch.”

While CashBlog publishes several product and service reviews, they are geared toward topics like saving money, ensuring sufficient value for the cost, and quality purchases while offering personal experiences and opinions. The advice and guides on the site are well-informed, practical, and easy to read without losing interest.

Where CashBlog excels

CashBlog excels with its investment topics. The content is varied, interesting, relevant, and useful. Some of the provided tips are based on proprietary financial research and decades of investment experience. From beginners buying their first stock to well-versed investors monitoring trends, trust CashBlog to provide accurate, reliable insights.

Full spectrum finance

“CashBlog offers educational content about anything and everything related to money,” the founders said. “Our favorite topics are the stock market, small business, credit cards, and saving money.”

CashBlog Topics

  • Investment: Banking, Crypto, Forex, Gold, Real Estate, Retirement Planning, and Stock Market
  • Borrowing: Credit Cards, Credit Monitoring, Credit Scores, Debt Consolidations, Get Out of Get, Identity Theft, and Loans
  • Earning: Career, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Side Hustles, and Starting a Business
  • Spending: Budget, Product Reviews, Travel Reviews, and Website Reviews

Where CashBlog struggles

CashBlog’s articles often presume the reader already has money and needs to know what to do with it or how to invest it. As a purveyor of “all things money,” the site may want to include more practical information about how to save money when struggling to survive from one paycheck to the next, changing ingrained ideas about money, or where to invest with just $100. It would broaden the target audience and potentially help more people. While CashBlog does have some content geared toward those working to raise themselves from poverty, there is room for improvement. 

Navigating the CashBlog website

Whether one is looking to invest, borrow, earn, or spend wisely, CashBlog has advice from experienced industry experts with valuable knowledge to share rather than regurgitated tips often found elsewhere online.

Making finance interesting

CashBlog knows that financial topics can often be dry and less-than-enthralling. The website has in-house writers and brings in guest writers to help make finance interesting by bringing the content to life with real-world perspectives and easy-to-understand practical explanations.

“Our goal is to make sure that the information we’re providing our audience is meaningful and that it doesn’t read like a boring instruction manual,” CashBlog representatives said.

Final takeaway

CashBlog offers a comprehensive—but not complete—variety of articles with valuable information on the full spectrum of intelligent financial practices. Users can expect to find helpful, knowledgeable advice, relevant information, and practical guides on a number of topics at CashBlog. Interested readers will find an active brand on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and a newsletter to stay updated with exciting articles and “all things money.”

Josh Dudick

Josh is a financial expert with 15+ years on Wall Street as a senior market strategist and trader. Josh graduated from Cornell University with a business degree in Applied Economics and has held numerous U.S. and European securities and brokerage licenses including FINRA Series 3, 7, 24, & 55. In addition to running an investment and trading firm, Josh is the founder and CEO of Top Dollar, where he teaches others how to build 6-figure passive income with smart money strategies that he uses himself.

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