My Goal Is to Help You Build Wealth and Learn More About Money.

Welcome, I’m Josh. My career on Wall Street has spanned over 15 years as a professional market strategist, investor, trader, and business owner.

My experience began on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange trading ETFs, stock options, commodities, and futures. I quickly learned that I had a knack for identifying and building successful trading strategies and profitable systems.

Over my career, I worked for several Wall Street institutions including Citibank, Chicago Trading Company, and Flow Traders within wealth management, investment strategy, and securities trading. I have implemented my original ideas into investment models and algorithms and made millions of dollars leveraging technology with finance. In 2019 I launched my own investment fund, which has overperformed the S&P 500 by an average of 7.11%* since its inception.

*All returns calculated as of Dec. 31, 2023.

My expertise doesn’t make for thrilling dinner conversations, but it has taught me how to build accelerated wealth using intelligent investing strategies and maximize my earnings using tax-optimizing tactics.

I am always on the lookout for opportunities to make or save money, and I have often found that by digging a little deeper than most industry “experts,” I have found better techniques in many instances.

my mission

Giving Everyone An Equal Opportunity To Achieve Financial Freedom

Let’s level the playing field.  You don’t need to be ultra-rich to get access to smart money strategies, you just need the right guidance and actual tactics. I’m tired of “gurus” who sell dreams and basic information, I want you to teach the very best methods I personally use as a full-time investor.

Together we will demystify all money topics from beginner to advanced and discuss techniques for generating more money without additional risk.

Josh graduated from Cornell University with a degree from the Dyson School of Applied Economics & Management at the SC Johnson College of Business, with honors.

He has held multiple professional licenses during his career, including FINRA Series 3, 7, 24, 55, Nasdaq OMX, Xetra & Eurex (German), and SIX (Swiss) trading and brokerage licenses. Josh served as a senior trader and strategist, business partner, and head of futures in his former roles on Wall Street.

Josh’s work and authoritative advice have appeared in major publications including Nasdaq, Forbes, The Sun, Yahoo! Finance, CBS News, Fortune, The Street, MSN Money, The Associated Press, and Go Banking Rates. Josh currently holds areas of expertise in investing, wealth management, capital markets, taxes, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and personal finance.

Please reach out if there are topics you want me to explore or any other feedback you have.