Are you looking for ways to save some extra money? Saving is a goal many people strive for, but several everyday items can quickly drain our wallets.

While there are necessities on which we must spend our money, certain splurges, such as takeaway coffee and overpriced cable tv, can be minimized to work toward achieving financial goals.

Save Big by Saying No to These Everyday Temptations

1. Takeaway Coffee

Starbucks has a standardized process and offers a good cup of coffee, which costs them $1 to produce. They sell it for around $3, depending on where you live. This might seem like a small cost to pay for a cup of coffee, but in the long run, it adds up.

The best way to save this money and still drink coffee is to brew your coffee at home. It will cost you as low as $0.62 to brew one cup of coffee at home, and you can save as much as $736 per year just by adopting this habit.

2. Unnecessary Subscription Services

Television subscription services are a luxury almost everyone enjoys nowadays. There are many alternatives to expensive cable tv, but you should be selective and minimize the number of subscriptions you pay for.

These services possess allure due to their low cost and the variety of services they offer. The truth is that most people don’t stick to just one but multiple subscription services.

Expensive drinks at bars and clubs are one of the most excessive expenses you can make, with premium cocktails in many major cities currently costing over $20 each. The problem compounds when you start clubbing regularly or beyond your means.

3. Bottle Service & Excessive Clubbing

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