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What is a Mutual Fund?

A mutual fund is a collection of money managed by a financial institution. This institution pools money from various investors and allocates the funds based on a pre-defined strategy.

What Are Index Funds?

Mutual funds have a clear mandate or strategy, which is defined in their summary prospectus. The fund manager (who is in charge of the fund) is obligated to execute the fund’s stated strategy. Some funds aim to track a specific index- these are known as index funds.

Active funds are the alternative to index funds- active funds permit fund managers to exercise discretion and pick individual stocks and holdings. Their investment objectives will not be as clearly defined as index funds.

Active Funds

What are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)?

Like mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) hold baskets of investment assets- such as stocks, bonds, commodities, or any other assets the fund states in their SEC filed prospectus.

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