His Wife’s Unusual Dining Habits Irritate Him Leading to a Spectacular Showdown at a Local Restaurant That Becomes The Final Straw

In a delicate dance of culinary conflicts, the Original Poster (OP) grapples with his wife’s peculiar yet wasteful dining habits.

Despite tolerating her tastes at home, dining out escalates the issue, culminating in a public standoff at a wing joint. The OP’s firm stance on ordering from the kid’s menu or sharing a dish ignites a silent feud, leaving their relationship at a dangerous crossroads.

Small Portions

OP’s wife has peculiar eating habits. She isn’t a big eater but enjoys having various foods in small quantities. This doesn’t pose much of an issue at home, but when dining out, it becomes problematic.

While dining out, OP’s wife tends to order various dishes at the same time to maximize her options. She pays little regard to the cost and only eats a few bites from each dish, leaving most of her order untouched.

A Little Of Everything

OP is a frugal man and maintains the family budget. On the other hand, his wife has no regard for financial restrictions and does not consider costs when making daily decisions. OP finds he often has to redirect her to keep them on track to meet their monetary goals.

The Budget

OP’s wife doesn’t eat leftovers, as a rule, leading to unnecessary food wastage. This annoys OP, who often finds himself finishing her orders, even though he doesn’t like most of her choices, to prevent waste.

A Lot of Wasted Food

The situation comes to a head when OP and his wife go out on a date to an up-scale steak and seafood restaurant to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. OP has been dreaming of a rare filet mignon all week with all the trimmings.

Excessive Ordering

OP’s wife orders an appetizer and a full rack of ribs, even though a half rack was an option. She eats barely a fifth of each. OP, anticipating finishing her food, orders a salad instead of his dream filet.

The Controversial Order

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