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His Dream of a Southern Life Clashed With Her Career Aspirations, But His Unexpected Proposal for a Long-Distance Relationship Left the Family’s Future Uncertain.

In a clash between family ties and professional ambition, the Original Poster (OP) gives his wife a life-altering ultimatum: to follow him for a prospective life in the South or face a divorce. As the story unfolds, their family dynamic reaches an unexpected climax, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat.

A Dream Offer

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OP’s parents, living in a more affordable southern community, informed him about a house for sale in their neighborhood. The house was larger and offered a much-needed break from the high cost of living on the East Coast. It was an opportunity that would provide more room for OP’s two young children and a better lifestyle for the family.

Plotting the Move

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OP, who had the luxury of remote work, ensured that he would be able to retain his job even after the relocation. He found a promising price for their current house, making the move financially feasible. Meanwhile, he was confident that he could support the family until his wife found a new job in their new location.

Clash of Opinions

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When OP presented the idea to his wife, expecting her to be enthusiastic, she vehemently opposed it. She expressed her unwillingness to leave her job, uproot the kids from their familiar surroundings, and distance herself from her close-knit group of friends. This threw a wrench in OP’s well-laid plans.

Igniting the Fire

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OP, frustrated by his wife’s stance, accused her of being selfish and not considering the benefits for their children. The disagreement escalated into a heated argument, leading to OP spending the night on the couch. The gap in their perspectives led to a growing divide in their relationship.

The Ultimate Ultimatum

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After a restless night of contemplation, OP resolved to take a drastic step. He gave his wife an ultimatum: move with him or face a divorce. He even presented a rough plan for dividing the assets from their current house sale and negotiating custody of the children.

Walking the Talk

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Undeterred by his wife’s response to standing firm against the ultimatum, OP moved forward with his plans. He initiated contact with the southern house’s seller and started setting things in motion. This marked the start of his firm commitment to what he saw as a better future for his kids.

Family Support

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OP’s parents backed his decision, asserting he was doing the right thing for his children. Their support added a layer of validation to OP’s conviction. However, this only further isolated his wife, as her in-laws sided with her husband.

A Friend’s Perspective

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OP sought the counsel of a friend who accused him of being unreasonable. His friend argued that it was unfair to demand such a life-altering change from his wife. Despite this criticism, OP remained steadfast in his decision, convinced it was in the best interest of his children.

Silence and Distance

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The tension escalated in the family, with the wife limiting their interactions to matters concerning the children. This period marked a sense of alienation and cold silence in their relationship. The ultimatum had driven a wedge between OP and his wife, deepening their rift.

Preparing for the Worst

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While the wife’s decision was still pending, OP continued preparing for the worst-case scenario. He started getting his affairs in order, readying for a potential divorce and the subsequent custody battle. OP’s actions reflected his determination to move, regardless of the fallout.

The Weight of Decisions

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With the clock ticking, the wife is now facing the harsh reality of her husband’s ultimatum. Her husband’s unwavering determination to move adds pressure to her already difficult choice. She’s left contemplating whether to leave her established life behind or face a possible separation from her spouse.

A New Proposal

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OP, upon reassessing his wife’s position, offers an alternative plan. They could maintain a long-distance relationship, with him moving south with the kids while she continues her career. This would allow the children to enjoy the benefits of the more affordable lifestyle and larger house while the wife could pursue her professional advancement.

The Looming Decision

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With the month’s end fast approaching, the wife is left with three choices – move with OP and the kids, stay and live separately, or file for divorce. The weight of this decision hangs heavily, impacting not just their lives but their children’s future as well. As the deadline nears, the family’s fate hangs in the balance.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Good luck getting custody if your kids and ex stay in their home state. And good luck affording any house once child support and alimony are established!

But I’m starting to see why his wife definitely doesn’t want to leave her support system.”

Another Commenter Thinks:

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Another responder wrote: “If this is real, his wife is going to divorce him no matter what. If my husband just went “my way or the highway,” first I’d want him to get checked out by a doctor, and then if he didn’t have a brain tumor, I’d be out of there.”

A Third View On The Story:

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A different person states, “Next post: “My wife is divorcing me and filing for full custody! All I did was make the unilateral decision we would move down south. I said I was moving, and either she had to move or we’d divorce….she wasn’t supposed to actually divorce me; she was just supposed to do what I wanted! She’d only have to give up her job, friends, and being close to her support system. Why is she being so selfish?”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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