I believe in living for today, but also saving for tomorrow- so I can continue to live the way I want throughout my retirement.

Life is expensive. If you want to continue to afford the things which bring you pleasure and stability, it’s essential to save intelligently.

There is no substitute for time and compounding returns when it comes to building wealth. Retirement plans allow for tax-deferred growth on your money, so saving early and deciding which retirement plan is best for you can be the difference between hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Not all retirement plans are created equal, and your specific circumstances may make you eligible for only certain plans. Furthermore, there are many choices – Traditional or Roth plans, 401(k) or IRA, and even more complicated options if you are self-employed or a small business owner.

Retirement plans are tax-advantaged savings plans that allow for your money’s accelerated growth. Almost all types of retirement plans will enable you to invest in various assets without incurring any capital gains taxes for many years while you save for retirement.

What is a Retirement Plan?

Retirement accounts always allow your money to grow tax-deferred, but additional tax benefits exist depending on which account type you choose.

How Do Retirement Accounts Work?

Those who use Roth plans make their contributions with post-tax dollars, so there is no immediate tax deduction. However, Roth accounts are never taxed again as long as you satisfy the age requirement (59½ +) and hold the account for a minimum of five years (Roth IRA restriction).

Roth Plans

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