In a narrative filled with strained familial ties and escalating conflicts, the Original Poster (OP) navigates the complexities of sharing his home with his inconsiderate in-laws.T

The climax unfolds as OP resorts to drastic measures to restore peace, leaving readers pondering about the resulting fallout.

The Unexpected Guests

OP, a 30-year-old male, and his wife live with their two kids, 8 and 6-years-old. When his wife’s parents’ house suffered a freak accident, they moved in with OP’s family temporarily for two months while their home underwent repairs.

OP’s father-in-law works late shifts and returns home around 11 pm. Together with his mother-in-law, they spend their evenings watching YouTube and playing music on the living room’s speaker system, which isn’t incredibly loud but disruptive enough to wake the children at night.

The Midnight Disturbance

OP’s wife also works overnight shifts and thus is not present during these noisy late-night incidents. OP has to wake up early to drop the kids off at school and go to work, so these interruptions are particularly disruptive.

The Struggle of Working Parents

OP attempts to discuss the noise issue with his in-laws, asking them to lower the volume after 8:30 pm, which is his kids’ bedtime. However, his father-in-law argues that this would limit his post-work leisure activities.

Failed Negotiations

The father-in-law complains to OP’s wife about his request to limit noise. Despite not being present during these late-night disturbances, she sides with her father, suggesting the kids should learn to sleep through “a bit of everyday noise.”

The Unseen Ally

As a sarcastic response to the noise complaints, OP’s father-in-law starts sending him links to buy earplugs for the kids. This action only serves to further infuriate OP, who believes his in-laws are being inconsiderate and selfish.

The Earplug Proposition

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