Solar Panels Is Opposed By His Neighbor Who Has an Outrageous Reason

In an idyllic suburban setting, a man battles with their neighbors over their installation of solar panels and the ensuing concerns about electromagnetic frequencies.

As tensions mount to a climactic showdown involving attorneys, HOAs, and threats of intensified electromagnetic interference, the resolution hangs in the balance.

The Peaceful Suburbia

The Original Poster (OP) and their family reside in a suburban neighborhood, having bought a new house six years prior. Two years in, new neighbors move next door. The wife suffers from MS and has an unusual sensitivity to electron-magnetic frequencies.

A week into their new life and home, the neighbors reveal the wife’s sensitivity and ask OP to cover their smart meter to mitigate dirty electricity. OP, thinking the idea is somewhat eccentric, still complies, not wanting to incite conflict.

The Unusual Request

Fast forward two years, OP plans to install solar panels and Tesla ‘Powerwalls’ in their home to make it more energy efficient and clean. 

The Solar Panel Initiative

The concerned neighbor attempts to block OP’s solar initiative through the HOA, citing the harmful impact of dirty electricity. He makes a misguided claim about the ADA protecting their rights, causing OP to fight back.

The Unwanted Obstruction

OP, knowledgeable about the law, responds to the HOA and the neighbor with a threat of involving a lawyer. The argument is backed by extensive scientific research, putting the ball back in the HOA’s court.

The Legal Battle Begins

The HOA attorney, in an attempt to mitigate the situation, asked if OP could make accommodations for the neighbor. These include moving their entire electrical system and installing more costly components.

The Impossible Compromise

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