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Man Installs Solar Panels to Go Green, but Chaos Ensues When Neighbor Retaliates With Angry Grafitti.

In an idyllic suburban setting, a man battles with their neighbors over their installation of solar panels and the ensuing concerns about electromagnetic frequencies. As tensions mount to a climactic showdown involving attorneys, HOAs, and threats of intensified electromagnetic interference, the resolution hangs in the balance.

The Peaceful Suburbia

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The Original Poster (OP) and their family reside in a suburban neighborhood, having bought a new house six years prior. Two years in, new neighbors move next door. The wife suffers from MS and has an unusual sensitivity to electron-magnetic frequencies.

The Unusual Request

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A week into their new life and home, the neighbors reveal the wife’s sensitivity and ask OP to cover their smart meter to mitigate dirty electricity. OP, thinking the idea is somewhat eccentric, still complies, not wanting to incite conflict.

The Solar Panel Initiative

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Fast forward two years, OP plans to install solar panels and Tesla ‘Powerwalls’ in their home to make it more energy efficient and clean. The neighbor notices the solar panel contractor’s truck, triggering a wave of panic about additional dirty electricity.

The Unwanted Obstruction

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The concerned neighbor attempts to block OP’s solar initiative through the HOA, citing the harmful impact of dirty electricity. He makes a misguided claim about the ADA protecting their rights, causing OP to fight back.

The Legal Battle Begins

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OP, knowledgeable about the law, responds to the HOA and the neighbor with a threat of involving a lawyer. The argument is backed by extensive scientific research, putting the ball back in the HOA’s court.

The Impossible Compromise

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The HOA attorney, in an attempt to mitigate the situation, asked if OP could make accommodations for the neighbor. These include moving their entire electrical system and installing more costly components. OP declines, stating these are unreasonable requests.

A Green Light for Solar Panels

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Despite the neighbor’s protests, the HOA approves OP’s solar panel plan. The win for OP results in increased tension between the two households.

The Desperate Measures

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In response, the neighbor decides to paint his side of the house with Wi-Fi and electromagnetic-blocking paint. The process will cost him thousands of dollars, but he believes it’s necessary to protect his wife’s health and claims it still may not be enough.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

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After the installation, OP decides to repaint his house, introducing another point of conflict. The neighbor refuses to allow the painters to use his side of the property for access, a petty move in revenge for the solar panels.

Battle Lines Drawn

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Frustrated with the neighbor’s antics, OP confronts him. In an attempt to further retaliate, OP suggests adding two high-powered routers to their house. Threatening to amplify the electromagnetic signals in his home, remove the smart meter cover, and report his unpermitted electrical paintwork, OP displays their intention to match pettiness with pettiness.

The Unanticipated Backfire

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After OP’s confrontation, the neighbor quickly recants his decision about the painters. This rapid shift hints at the neighbor’s fear of escalating the conflict and a realization that his attempts at revenge may not be worth the blowback.

A Step Too Far?

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OP acknowledges the emotional impact their actions might have on the neighbors. Even though they firmly believe the electricity claims are unfounded, they understand that this is a real concern for the neighbors.

The Judgment Call

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OP decides to ask an online community for a judgment – are they the antagonist in this story? The response to this query could potentially influence how they proceed in the conflict.

While the tensions simmer down temporarily, OP and their neighbors are left in an uneasy peace. The future of their neighborhood relationship hangs in the balance, a constant reminder of the war of wills that had taken place over the simple act of installing solar panels.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “If they want to go all in for the pseudoscience treatments for her MS, they can go find a house in the country where they don’t have neighbors.

I’m sorry that she has MS, but she and her husband can’t expect an entire neighborhood or city to change for her.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote: “It was nice of you to put the cover on the meter when they first asked, but the rest of their ask was very unreasonable, especially considering they could paint their house to help with their concerns.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person states, “If your neighbor has these alleged hypersensitivities, then it would be prudent to live in a less densely-populated area, as opposed to demanding neighbors alter their homes to meet their expectations (which are not reasonable).”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another viewpoint on the story: “There are areas in the world recognized as quiet radio zones for deep space telemetry. Real estate near these areas has been booming after attracting all these people. Send them a brochure.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a Reddit thread.

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