In a tale of love, financial struggles, and inequality, the Original Poster (OP), a financially constrained mother and wife, grapples with a divisive conflict over income disparity and rent-sharing with her high-earning husband.

As their diverging financial situations pull them into a whirlpool of disputes, she courageously addresses the unfair distribution of expenses, only to be met with an unexpected retort.

OP, a young woman making $65k per year, and her husband, making $80k, live together in a big city, splitting their rent evenly. The arrangement doesn’t overly strain either of their budgets and seems fair. It sets a precedent for their shared financial responsibilities.

The Even Split

OP becomes pregnant, which they are both excited about, leading to changes in their life. With the intention to work from home while taking care of the baby, OP finds a full-time remote job, but this comes with a pay cut to $50k. Despite the lower income, they continue splitting the rent evenly.

Joyful News

OP’s husband’s career takes a positive turn; by the age of 30, he’s making approximately $195k as a senior business analyst. This stark increase in his salary introduces a significant income disparity between the couple.

Income Disparity

With the arrival of their child, they move to a larger apartment, now with a rent of $4,000 per month. OP suggests finding a smaller, less expensive apartment or adjusting the split based on their income, but her protests are silenced.

A Growing Family, A Growing Rent

Two and a half years later, OP is struggling financially when the landlord increases their rent to $4,400 as her post-tax monthly income is around $3,600. She manages both full-time work and childcare, barely making ends meet, while her husband continues his career unhindered.

The Strain of Dual Responsibilities

Summoning her courage, OP discusses her financial strain with her husband, proposing an adjusted rent split based on their income. His reaction stuns her; he cannot comprehend why $2,200 a month is a problem for her.

The Confrontation

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