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Beloved Dog or Pregnant Wife: Man Is Caught In a Heart-Wrenching Dilemma.

The Original Poster’s (OP) pregnant wife suddenly becomes fearful that their family dog may threaten the newborn. As emotions run high and the stakes grow even higher, a resolution seems uncertain.

The Joyous Arrival

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OP recounts the day they brought home a dog for their then-eight-year-old son, a hybrid of a Great Dane and another unknown breed. The boy’s bond with the dog is immediate and deep, their companionship transcending typical pet-owner relations. This dog isn’t just a pet; it’s his best friend, a comforting presence after the loss of his mother.

The Unexpected News

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OP’s new wife is now twelve weeks pregnant, a joyful revelation that sparks a new chapter in their lives. However, the pregnancy introduces an unexpected shift in the family dynamics. Suddenly, the wife starts acting oddly around the family dog, to OP and their son’s surprise.

Growing Apprehension

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OP’s wife develops a strange fear of the dog, though it is a well-behaved and non-aggressive creature. The wife’s behaviors grow increasingly peculiar; she shields her belly from the dog and gets startled at the slightest noise from the pet.

A Difficult Request

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With the new baby arriving shortly and the OP’s wife becoming increasingly nervous, her fear of the dog continues to grow. This previously unheard-of fear culminates in her requesting OP to re-home the dog.

Unfounded Fears

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The wife claims her anxiety stems from the fear that the dog might leap onto her, possibly harming the unborn baby. Yet, OP knows that this fear is unfounded; they trained the dog from a young age not to jump or collide with humans. This canine is gentle, never once showing aggression, especially towards the wife.

Safety and Sanity

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Despite the dog’s impeccable behavior, the wife asserts her anxiety could adversely affect her health and the baby’s. She insists that for her own safety and that of their unborn child, the dog needs to be relocated. She’s steadfast, undeterred by the dog’s impeccable track record.

Clash of Perspectives

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OP is left in a difficult position. While they understand their wife’s concerns, they are unwavering in their belief that the dog poses no threat. OP stands his ground, refusing to strip their son of his beloved companion.

Love and Loss

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OP emphasizes the importance of the dog in their son’s life, especially following the death of his mother. The bond between the boy and the dog is not something OP is willing to sever lightly. To OP’s son, this dog is more than a pet—it’s a friend, a support system, and a loving memory of his mother.

The Accusation

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In the midst of this debate, the wife accuses OP of favoring the dog over her pregnancy. The allegation stings, but OP remains unwavering in their belief that the dog poses no actual danger. They view the request as unfounded, an irrational fear born out of pregnancy-related anxiety.


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OP remains resolute, unwilling to act on a fear that, in their perspective, seems senseless. Their loyalty to their son and his emotional well-being outweighs any unfounded concerns. The tension between OP and their wife intensifies, resulting in a deadlock.

An Unexpected Intervention

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Unexpectedly, OP’s son, having overheard the ongoing conflict, steps in. He voices his own concerns and fear of losing his best friend, offering to ensure that the dog never poses a threat to his soon-to-be sibling.

The Arrival of a Canine Expert

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To assuage the wife’s fears, OP contacts a professional dog trainer. The expert reiterates the dog’s disciplined behavior and also introduces additional safety measures to further ensure the dog doesn’t jump on people, particularly around the pregnant wife.

A Protective Sanctuary

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To further ease the wife’s anxiety, OP decides to set up a protective space for her. The aim is to create a dog-free zone where she can relax, away from the source of her anxiety. This physical barrier provides some reassurance, although it is not a complete solution to the problem.

The Wife’s Decision

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As the weeks pass and her due date approaches, the wife’s fear persists, and she resolves to remove the dog from the family’s home before the baby arrives. The OP does not know what more he can do and looks to an online community for advice.

What Should The Man Do?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “You’re prioritizing your son over your pregnant wife’s irrational fear.”

Another responder wrote: “Your kid needs his dog.”

A different person states, “If you gave away my dog for that, I’d never forgive you. She is being dramatic. You’re in for a very long pregnancy.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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