Professional wealth managers strategically allocate investments across multiple assets.

Stocks, bonds, and cash are the primary assets in portfolios, but savvy investors and professionals also use additional categories to further diversify and create rebalancing opportunities.

Check out my model portfolio below.  Each asset class can be viewed in more detail to see which specific holdings I choose and why.  I also provide a groundwork for maximizing returns, setting targets, assessing risk, and minimizing taxes.


Stocks will always make up most of my portfolio because equity investments have proven to be the highest-performing asset class throughout modern history.  

Low-cost index ETFs are the best option for most investors to get broad, diverse stock market exposure.  I only add company-specific stocks to get slightly over-weighed in names I strongly believe in.

Investing in passive index stock ETFs removes the need to rebalance your stock winners against losers, ultimately resulting in fewer taxes and more tax-deferred growth.

Also, very few professional investors have outperformed benchmark index funds over the long run, further supporting a passive index strategy.

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