It’s never too early to start looking for a job. Many teenagers today are interested in working and making money.

Unfortunately, many employees don’t hire minors, requiring a bit of research to determine what companies or types of jobs hire teenagers. In other instances, it may make more sense for teens to start their own businesses, which may offer the additional benefit of setting them up for a long-term career.

The key is knowing where to find jobs that hire teenagers and selecting the right one that matches individual interests.

Jobs That Hire Teenage Workers

Gymnastics Centers often look for instructors or coaches to work with young children from ages two to young teens. This role will require you to supervise participants.

Gymnastics Coach


Younger job seekers will find babysitting extremely worthwhile due to its convenience, repeatability, and laxness. Most babysitting jobs require you to be vetted either by the child’s parents or by a third-party agency.

Depending on your region’s climate, golfing may be a season or year-round activity. Golf caddies assist golfers and spend the entire round out on the course with a player.

Golf Caddy

If you fancy yourself a pro at running household chores, this should be a piece of cake for you. If you find jobs like these, they typically require you to clean specific areas of a home.

Home and Lawn Maintenance

TOP Dollar Investor

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