If you are in the market for used car parts or looking to sell your junk cars, you’re in need of a quick rundown on junkyards. Finding the most suitable yard for your situation requires more than a quick search on Google Maps.

Types of Junkyards

The yard should have a list of locations for all the vehicles and state whether a car has been ‘well picked’ (i.e., had many of its parts removed). These yards are the cheapest, but the part you need might not be available, which would waste your valuable time and money.


The process is much simpler; you can call ahead to ensure the junkyard has the right part for you.


Similar to Full-Service is a website-only option for you to search for the part and have it shipped directly to you. (Generally, this is the most expensive option.)


What’s The Best Junkyard?

The best junkyard for you is the one with the part you need at a price you are willing to pay. But as you search, look for factors that will increase your chances of locating the correct parts. Yards with the most cars and trucks, with options for the year, color, and trim, are what you need to search out.

The first thing to note is that some junkyards will charge you an entry fee to ensure they make a little, even if you don’t pull or purchase a part. Usually, it’s less than $10. Others will let you roam the yard for free.

What To Expect When You Get There

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