How much to give for a wedding gift as cash or as a physical gift will be explored further based on multiple factors to help you determine what is currently an appropriate-sized gift.

Gift-giving has been a tradition across cultures among wedding guests. While there is no strict rule on what to give and how much to spend, there is an unspoken truth – that the wedding gift should be as meaningful as the moments you have shared with the couple.

You may feel like giving cash is an impersonal gift, the opposite of what you’re going for as a wedding guest. But, when accounted for correctly and packaged with a purpose, cash can be a thoughtful gift.

A cash wedding gift can even be the best gift for most couples, especially if they’re young as their honeymoon and future savings budgets increase! This also applies if you’re an acquaintance who doesn’t have enough personal memories with the couple to think of a practical or sentimental gift.

Determine How Much to Spend on a Cash Gift

The first factor is the relationship you have with the bride and/or groom. A close relationship will usually warrant a higher wedding gift amount.

Based on Relationship

If the wedding gift is for family members or a close friend, you are likely more willing to spend a higher amount. Consider spending $100 to $200 per person on this gift, if you haven’t spent on other pre-wedding events or contributed to the wedding itself.

Family Member and Close Friend

A gift of at least $125 should be sufficient without excessive expenses on your part. Another idea is to pool together for a group gift! As an entourage, you can contribute $100 each to get a pricey gift that will surely be just as impressive as it is memorable.


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