From Netflix’s constantly rising monthly fees to Wikipedia’s Sarah McLachlan-evoking donation requests, some websites are pretty transparent in how they make money. How does the coupon and price-comparison app Honey make money?

A quick web search yields several results that claim it is a free utility that helps you save money fast. How can that be, and when does the other shoe inevitably drop?

Honey Crash-course

For the uninitiated, Honey is an online shopping tool that helps users lock in the best deals possible on products while they shop. It is a browser extension you can install that automatically searches the web for better deals on anything you may be buying.

The PayPal-owned product partners with thousands of merchants across the web to help you maximize your savings.

Although there are plenty of coupon-finder and discount code sites, Honey leverages the latest web tech to take this service to the next level. The tool creates a painless experience to help people save some extra money without any additional thinking or steps.

How Does Honey Work

Coupon and deal apps are nothing new. There are plenty of sites that offer side-by-side comparisons of different products, brands, or prices. However, Honey takes things further and removes all the work from the equation.

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