His Ruthless Neighbor Takes Him to Court Over a Petty Argument, So He Digs Up His Neighbor’s Secret Past and Delivers Sweet Revenge

The Original Poster (OP) is caught in a heated property dispute with their neighbor, leading to a battle over fence regulations and a dangerous dog.

As tensions escalated, the stage was set for a more significant conflict to arise.

The Pre-Existing Animosity

The OP and their neighbor already had a tense relationship. Minor disagreements and incidents had created an atmosphere of distrust between the two parties.

The OP hires a contractor to install a fence around their property for privacy and security. The contractor assures OP of a job well done and proceeds with the installation. Unbeknownst to OP, the fence is installed 2 inches over the property line.

The Fence Installation

The neighbor notices the fence encroaching on their property and confronts OP about the issue. OP is taken aback, not realizing the error made by the contractor. The neighbor demands that OP correct the mistake, threatening legal action if they refuse.

The Neighbor’s Discovery

OP confronts the contractor about the fence, demanding it is fixed. The contractor insists that the mistake falls within the margin of error for plans and refuses to move it for free.

Confronting the Contractor

Unable to resolve the issue amicably, the neighbor decides to sue OP over the fence encroachment. OP is forced to hire a lawyer and defend his position in court.

The Legal Battle Begins

The OP loses the case, which results in the OP paying to take down the fence and also penalties for damages, putting further strain on the already tense relationship between the two neighbors.

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