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His Ruthless Neighbor Takes Him to Court Over a Petty Argument, So He Digs Up His Neighbor’s Secret Past and Delivers Sweet Revenge.

The Original Poster (OP) is caught in a heated property dispute with their neighbor, leading to a battle over fence regulations and a dangerous dog. As tensions escalated, the stage was set for a more significant conflict to arise.

The Pre-Existing Animosity

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The OP and their neighbor already had a tense relationship. Minor disagreements and incidents had created an atmosphere of distrust between the two parties.

The Fence Installation

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The OP hires a contractor to install a fence around their property for privacy and security. The contractor assures OP of a job well done and proceeds with the installation. Unbeknownst to OP, the fence is installed 2 inches over the property line.

The Neighbor’s Discovery

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The neighbor notices the fence encroaching on their property and confronts OP about the issue. OP is taken aback, not realizing the error made by the contractor. The neighbor demands that OP correct the mistake, threatening legal action if they refuse.

Confronting the Contractor

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OP confronts the contractor about the fence, demanding it is fixed. The contractor insists that the mistake falls within the margin of error for plans and refuses to move it for free.

The Legal Battle Begins

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Unable to resolve the issue amicably, the neighbor decides to sue OP over the fence encroachment. OP is forced to hire a lawyer and defend his position in court. The OP loses the case, which results in the OP paying to take down the fence and also penalties for damages, putting further strain on the already tense relationship between the two neighbors.

A Fair Loss

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OP admits that they lost the court case fair and square, emphasizing that “the law is the law.” They accept the outcome but remain frustrated with the neighbor’s hypocrisy. This sets the stage for OP’s determination to pursue their own complaint.

The Dangerous Dog Dilemma

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OP learns that their neighbor owns a dog classified as a “dangerous breed,” which requires a 6.5-foot high fence with a concrete base. The neighbor’s fence, however, is only 6 feet high and lacks a base. OP sees an opportunity to file a complaint with the police, as they have three small kids who play in the yard.

Barking at the Kids

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OP believes that his neighbor has trained his dog to bark whenever their children go outside. The neighbor’s behavior is characterized as “dreadful,” which fuels OP’s motivation to file the complaint. Tensions between the two parties continue to escalate.

The Hypocrisy Unveiled

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OP points out that the neighbor is also in violation of the property limit law due to the inadequate fence around his dangerous dog. The neighbor’s constant yelling about the law and his rights reveals his hypocrisy. OP decides to take action to ensure both parties are in compliance with the law.

The Police Complaint

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OP filed a complaint with the police about the neighbor’s dangerous dog and inadequate fence. They cite the safety concerns for their children as the primary reason for the complaint. Tensions between the neighbors reach a boiling point.

The Court Revisited

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The neighbor is summoned to court to address OP’s complaint. The neighbor argues that his fence is sufficient, but OP presents evidence to the contrary. The court must decide if the neighbor is in violation of the law.

The Neighbor’s Defeat

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The court rules in favor of OP, ordering the neighbor to install a proper fence with a concrete base. The neighbor begrudgingly complies, although tensions between the two parties remain high. OP feels vindicated in their pursuit of justice.

A Bittersweet Victory

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While OP has achieved its goal of ensuring both parties are in compliance with the law, the relationship between the neighbors remains strained. OP reflects on the entire situation and wonders if it was worth the effort. They acknowledge that the victory is bittersweet.

Lessons Learned

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OP learns the importance of checking contractor work and understanding property laws. They consider the entire ordeal a learning experience and vow to be more careful in the future. The story serves as a cautionary tale for others in similar situations.

A Fragile Truce

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OP and the neighbor reach a fragile truce as the new fence is installed. Both parties realize the importance of peaceful coexistence but remain wary of each other. The two neighbors never became friends but managed to maintain a civil relationship over the past few years.

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “That jerk deserves what he gets. 4 cm? Really? Some people are just awful.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another responder wrote: “If the neighbor can’t handle having an appropriate fence for his breed of dog, he shouldn’t be raising drama about the fence or shouldn’t have this breed of dog; it’s that simple.”

Different Perspective

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A different person states, “1.5 inches (4cm) is well within the margin of error. If someone built a new fence along my property line and it was only 1.5 inches on the other side of my hedge, I wouldn’t even know.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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