In an intriguing tale of family dynamics and youthful enterprise, the Original Poster (OP) finds herself in a domestic quagmire stirred by her middle daughter’s babysitting business.

The escalating conflict reaches a fever pitch as the business-savvy teen leverages contracts to claim a portion of her elder sister’s wages, inciting a family crisis that divides their household and spills into their community.

Caught in the turmoil between financial prowess and familial fairness, OP grapples with a solution that could either mend or shatter their bonds further.

OP and her CPA husband have three daughters. At the tender age of 11, her middle daughter begins babysitting the neighbors’ grandkids just because she adores children but soon realizes the potential for monetization.

The Unexpected Entrepreneur

Two years later, at 13, she takes a leap forward, advertising her services on the Nextdoor app. Her proactive strategy of constantly posting ads and responding to all babysitting needs in their town starts to pay off.

A Budding Businesswoman

As she turns 14, her ambition propels her to expand her services to neighboring towns. This expansion fuels her business, leading to a significant increase in clientele. She manages to dominate the babysitting market in her region.

Crossing Borders

During the pandemic, her babysitting business witnessed an unexpected boom. She capitalizes on the high demand, charging a staggering $25 per hour at just 15 years old. It’s here that she solidifies her dominance in the local market.

Pandemic Prosperity

The burgeoning demand outpaces her ability to cater to all of the clients seeking her services. To meet this challenge, she recruits her older sister and her friends as part of her babysitting syndicate. 

The Babysitting Syndicate

TOP Dollar Investor

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