The rise of fintech and digitization has essentially replaced the cash economy with plastic cards divided into two camps – debit cards and credit cards.

Most people know that credit cards offer the owner an extension of credit, which can help you build credit. But do debit cards build credit?

Why Build Credit?

Your credit record can increase approvals from credit card issuers and loan providers. Showing that you have paid off your student loan, car loan, and other debt creates a trustworthy credit profile that gets you access to more money with lower interest charges as a reward. As a result, you have more financial freedom.

Access to Financial Opportunities

Credit card purchases differ not just on the source of money but also on the potential of returns. Typically a debit card purchase worth the same amount may have different deals and rewards than what a credit card company might offer.

Lucrative Benefits

The Traditional Debit Card

Traditional debit cards cannot improve or help build credit. While you do pay right away, even in voluminous transactions, so as long as a debit card is used, it cannot increase your credit rating because it does not show your capacity to handle debt.

Why Debit Cards Don’t Improve Credit Report

However, even if a debit card cannot improve your credit score, it can negatively affect your score in the case of overdraft fees. An overdraft fee is when the account is charged more than the amount it has.

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