The opportunity to give gifts is a great perk of the approaching holiday season! This list explores all the gift ideas for women that are classics, trending, and worth giving.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

Self-care is knowing how to manage that stress and take time to reset, which can take different forms. This list of self-care gift ideas can help you find something to help anyone.

Self-care Gifts

1. Spa gift card 2. Spa/pedicure gift set 3. Luxury robe 4. Face creams, scented lotions 5. Essential oil diffuser

6. Subscription to the DryBar 7. Help with a good night’s sleep (eye mask, aromatherapy lotion/candles) 8. At-home massager

Travel Gift Ideas for Women

Travel gifts will likely never go out of fashion and are some of the most practical (and fun) items you can give. This list combines both notions for the traveler in your life.

1. Travel Wallets 2. Luggage set 3. Luggage tags 4. Practical & fashionable travel backpack 5. Packing cubes 6. Travel make-up kit

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