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Her Husband’s Online Influencer Obsession Tears His Family Apart, But a Live Streamed Argument Threatens to Destroy His Reputation.

The Original Poster (OP) confronts her husband about his YouTube obsession during a heated, live-streamed argument, leaving their future hanging in the balance.

The YouTube Lifestyle

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The OP’s husband found solace in his YouTube channel, a platform where he built a community of 14k followers. He would often stream live, answering questions and engaging in conversations, believing that this interaction was crucial for his well-being. He insisted, “His followers are good for his mental health and that engaging with them weekly makes him become better at socializing and communicating.”

The Streaming Debate

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Despite their newborn daughter demanding time and attention, the husband’s desire to livestream persisted. OP tried to negotiate, suggesting they find a balance between their responsibilities and his streaming schedule. However, their proposed compromise was dismissed as insufficient.

A Day at the Grocery Store

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One day, OP left for grocery shopping, entrusting their husband with their sleeping daughter. Despite his reassurances during her numerous check-in calls, OP grew uneasy. The doubts arose from a mother’s intuition, knowing their daughter would’ve needed care during her prolonged absence.

The Unsettling Return

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Upon returning home, OP found an empty house, raising her alarm. She discovered their daughter awake, hungry, and needing a diaper change. As confusion set in, she noticed the closed door of her husband’s office and the faint noise of a live stream emanating from within.


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Bursting into the office, OP found her husband engrossed in his livestream. Her anger exploded as she chastised him for neglecting their daughter. The husband, scrambling to mute his microphone, pleaded with her to stop, but OP refused.

The Public Scandal

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In the heat of the moment, the husband’s livestream audience witnessed the private fight. He accused OP of ruining his channel and alienating his followers, stating, “I just ended his entire channel and destroyed his fan base for interrupting his livestream and embarrassing and scandalizing him like that.”

The Aftermath

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Following the heated confrontation, the husband branded OP as “out of control and unhinged.” The emotional toll of the argument led OP to retreat, leaving the husband alone in his office. His accusations left a bitter aftertaste, and the damage was done.


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The continuous arguing led OP to seek refuge at her mother’s house. The husband, in a twist of blame, accused her of ignoring his needs after he had expressed them. Despite his mistakes, he seemed more focused on the consequences he faced due to the livestream fiasco.

The Blame Game

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Unable to acknowledge his negligence, the husband turned the blame on OP. Her husband kept shifting the focus from his parental responsibilities to his disrupted livestream. OP was left grappling with his misplaced priorities.

The Call to Return

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After the dust settled, the husband realized the absence of his daughter. He beckoned OP to return home, stating, “He misses his daughter.” However, his plea was devoid of any admission of guilt or apology.

The Unresolved Conflict

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Despite his attempt to mend things, the husband avoided addressing the real issue. He realized the absence of his daughter and beckoned OP to return home. However, his plea was devoid of any admission of guilt or apology. He focused on his longing for his daughter rather than apologizing or promising to change his ways. The question remained: Was he willing to admit his mistake and prioritize his family?

The Cost of Passion

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The husband’s passion for streaming had inadvertently cost him his family’s harmony. His inability to balance his responsibilities had led to a severe misunderstanding and rift between him and OP. The bitter reality that his streaming hobby had severe real-life consequences started to sink in.

The Plea for Reconciliation

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In a desperate attempt to bring back normalcy, the husband tried to reach out to OP. He expressed his longing to see his daughter but failed to address his own shortcomings, which led to the disruption. His plea, however, lacked the crucial elements of remorse and a commitment to change.

The Reality Check

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OP grappled with her husband’s unwillingness to admit his mistakes, and his skewed priorities became increasingly apparent. His words, “He forgot to do what I asked him, and I’d cost him so much,” haunted her, underlining the stark contrast between his perceived loss of followers and his neglect of family duties. The harsh reality of their situation weighed heavily on OP’s heart.

The question lingered: could they find a way to reconcile and rebuild their family, or would the husband’s passion for his YouTube channel continue to overshadow his real-life obligations?

Was The Man’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “He has a social media addiction. What he did was unconscionable, and the fact that he had an absolute TANTRUM and explosive upset over you potentially embarrassing him in front of his followers or ruining his “channel.”

Another Viewpoint

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Another responder wrote: “Your husband is an irresponsible a******.”

A Different Perspective

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A different person states, “Is your husband trying to make a career out of his YouTube channel? Or extra money? 14k followers isn’t something to dismiss if this is a goal for him, and regular streaming is important.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by a thread on Reddit.

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