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She Wants to Use Her Inheritance to Travel, But Her Family Says It’s a Waste of Money.

The Original Poster (OP), a young woman dealing with the grief of losing both parents and the sudden responsibility of a sizable inheritance, grapples with the contrasting desires of her family and her own yearning for freedom and self-discovery. As familial tensions rise over her plans to travel and potentially get engaged, she finds herself on the brink of a life-altering decision and teetering on the edge of an unresolved family conflict.

Coming to Terms with Loss

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The OP, a 26-year-old woman, grapples with the recent loss of her mother following her father’s passing when she was 15. Now an orphan and facing a significant inheritance, she navigates the new challenges that come with her parent’s absence and newfound wealth. Amid this, she and her long-term partner have been living with his parents due to their condo being rendered unlivable by a natural disaster.

A Reprieve in Travel

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Feeling lost and wanting to discover more about herself, OP and her partner decide to use this period to travel. They make two trips to Mexico, enjoying a brief escape from their typical life and responsibilities. This decision, however, is not welcomed by all.

Family Struggles

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OP’s grandmother and stepdad object to her decision to travel. They believe she’s recklessly spending her inheritance, arguing that she should be focusing on resuming her education or buying a house. “She doesn’t ask me what I want to do with my life or how I want to do things; she just gives me orders like I’m a child,” OP laments about her grandmother’s controlling nature.

Future Plans

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Despite the family tension, OP and her partner are planning a trip to Europe, where they intend to get engaged. They had delayed this step due to her mother’s illness and believed now was the right time. They are eager for this step, but it brings a fresh wave of conflict.

Cold Reception

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Upon revealing their engagement plans, OP’s stepdad reacts with disapproval, calling it an irresponsible decision. He argues with the OP, suggesting that the inheritance should have been distributed amongst the entire family. “It would be a better way to spend it than using some of it on a trip to Europe,” he claims.

Financial Disputes

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The disagreement escalates when the couple decides to fund the entire trip themselves, causing OP’s grandmother to demand proof of their financial stability. This intrusive demand is met with frustration by OP, who feels her independence is being undermined. She muses, “I understand their concerns, but I also feel like they are trying to control me and my inheritance.”

The Right to Choose

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OP believes it is her right to decide how she spends her inheritance and that it is not their place to control her. She doesn’t think her desire to travel after losing a loved one is irrational. This defiance, however, complicates the already strained family relations.

Searching for Solace

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OP is trying to cope with her loss and find solace in her own way. She argues that traveling is a means for her to gather her thoughts and soul-search, given the tragedy she’s faced at such a young age. Yet, her family’s lack of understanding and support only amplifies her feelings of isolation.

Seeking Advice

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Frustrated and unsure, OP seeks advice from others, questioning whether her family is overly controlling or if she is in the wrong. She wonders if she should alter her plans to keep the peace or stand her ground. This critical junction in her life leaves her feeling unsure.

The Inheritance Controversy

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A portion of her inheritance is stuck in probate court, further complicating the situation. OP is dissatisfied with the slow progress of her attorney and contemplates seeking a new one. This legal issue raises another concern for her: the possibility of her relatives contesting the inheritance.

Family Intrusion

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OP is worried that her stepdad or grandmother might try to claim some of the money held up in court. The potential threat adds a new layer of stress to her current dilemma. “Is this something they could do?” she asks, fearful of their potential interference.

A Decision Looms

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While juggling the court issues, the upcoming Europe trip, and the brewing family conflict, OP contemplates canceling the trip. The trip planned to take place a week from now is now a source of anxiety instead of joy. She is torn between her desire for adventure and the need to maintain family peace.

A Plea for Guidance

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In the face of mounting pressure, OP reaches out for guidance. She grapples with the question of whether she should stand her ground or appease her family’s demands. “Should I refrain from traveling to appease them, or are they crossing boundaries by trying to control how I spend it?” she asks, seeking perspective.

Is The Woman’s Behavior Appropriate?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “I think taking time off to travel, mourn, grieve, and reflect on what you want to do in life is not only perfectly ok but quite productive for you in the long run. You’ve got a lot of adult decisions to make coming your way, and you need to be in a good state of mind before you make them.”

Another responder wrote: “They can all f*** off. That’s your money. Your mom made her wishes clear. Honor her and celebrate her life. Enjoy Europe!”

A different person states, “Get a financial advisor ASAP. You could have an amazing retirement with this money. And a job that makes you happy and not just for a living.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

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