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He Skipped the Tradition of Buying Donuts for the Office, But His Boss’s Reaction Would Cost Him His Job.

In an office that cherishes its longstanding tradition of “$100 Donut Day,” the Original Poster (OP) finds themselves caught in an unappetizing dilemma when they are selected to uphold the sugary custom. Struggling with financial constraints and a part-time job, OP boldly rejects the tradition, setting off a ripple effect of resentment and workplace tension. The crisis reaches a boiling point when OP’s boss ambiguously threatens to dock their pay, forcing OP to consider legal action.

The Office Tradition

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OP starts a new job at an office with a monthly tradition known as “$100 Donut Day.” At the beginning of each month, one employee is chosen to buy $100 worth of donuts from Dunkin’ for the whole office to enjoy. This practice has been in place since the company’s inception.

The Unwilling Candidate

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OP gets selected for Donut Day, but there’s a problem: he doesn’t like donuts and can’t afford to spend $100 on them. OP’s pay is meager, and he has family responsibilities and bills to manage. He has a job to make money, not to spend more.

Declining the Tradition

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Faced with financial constraints, OP informs the boss that they can’t fulfill the donut duty. The boss tries to persuade OP to comply, but they remain firm. Annoyed, the boss dismisses OP, stating, “It’ll be sorted.”

The Missing Donuts

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Donut Day arrives, and the office is devoid of the anticipated treats. Coworkers are visibly disappointed, and some are openly resentful of OP for breaking the tradition. All day long, he receives sneering glares from his colleagues.

The Boss’s Accusation

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OP’s boss puts the blame squarely on them, mentioning his refusal to participate in Donut Day during every interaction since then. Despite OP’s attempts to explain his financial situation, the boss remains indifferent.

A Hostile Work Environment

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The atmosphere in the office turns sour as colleagues start ignoring OP or making negative comments. OP feels increasingly isolated and cornered in an environment that was supposed to be professional.

The Cryptic Warning

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The boss makes an ambiguous comment about OP’s upcoming paycheck, triggering alarm bells. Concerned, OP confronts the boss about the implications of this cryptic remark. The boss remarks that he can take the donut money out of his check.

Threatening Legal Action

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Fearing that the boss may dock their pay, OP openly states that they will sue if any money is subtracted from their paycheck for Donut Day. Coworkers overhear this and begin to accuse OP of being uncooperative and hostile.

The Moral Dilemma

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OP questions whether he is in the wrong for refusing to participate in Donut Day. He wonders if he should have informed his coworkers about his decision. However, the office’s collective sentiment prioritizes tradition over individual constraints.

The Pay Scale

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It comes to light that OP is paid far less than other employees at only $10.50 an hour, making the $100 for Donut Day an even more unreasonable expense for them. OP is also part-time and has limited hours, yet this does not evoke empathy or understanding from his coworkers.

The Wage Gap

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The office’s other employees earn over twice as much as OP. They could easily afford the donuts, which makes the boss’s insistence and coworkers’ animosity even more disheartening for OP.

A Calculated Loss

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OP is given only 12 hours of work for the week, amplifying the difficulty of their financial situation. He realizes that if he had bought the ten dozen donuts for $100, he would have made a meager $11 after taxes for that week’s work.

Job Hunting

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Realizing the office environment has turned toxic, OP starts looking for a new job. He understands that the existing work conditions are untenable. The boss values tradition over employee well-being.

Was The Employee’s Behavior Appropriate?

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OP posts his story online for feedback and support from the internet community. The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter.

Forum Responds

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One reader said, “Expecting someone to spend $100 on donuts without asking if they want to volunteer to do so is asinine.”

Another Commenter Thinks

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Another responder wrote, “That is so massively illegal. And your coworkers are the jerks here. They are creating a hostile work environment.”

A Third View on The Story

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A different person stated, “How bizarrely inappropriate for a person representing a business to shame and threaten you to spend a penny on a workplace activity against your will. That sounds like it must violate some workplace laws.”

A Final Perspective on the Matter

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Another reader commented, “This seems like a slam dunk case for a lawsuit. Hostile workplace? Check! Possible retaliation for refusing to spend your own money for the company’s benefit? Check!”

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