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Reasons Working Mothers Have a Lot More on Their Plate Than Working Dads

Balancing the demands of a career and motherhood is a high-wire act many women navigate daily. Here we’re delving into the complex world of working mothers, who juggle professional responsibilities with the unpredictable rhythms of family life. From battling guilt over divided attention to managing sudden sick days and burning the midnight oil after the kids are asleep working mothers are a testament to resilience and multitasking. Here are issues that career moms have to overcome in additional to their daily jobs.

Morning Routines

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Every working mom knows the morning routine is a high-stakes race against the clock. From preparing breakfast to making sure everyone is dressed and ready for school and work, it’s a whirlwind of activity. The challenge is to remain calm in the chaos, ensuring that you leave the house with everything you need.

Setting To-Do List

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The to-do list of a working mom seems to regenerate every night. As soon as one task is checked off, three more take its place, ranging from work deadlines to parent-teacher conferences. It’s a constant balancing act of priorities and responsibilities that never seems to end. This list is the silent testament to the multitasking superpowers that every working mom develops.

Delegation in the Home

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Mastering the art of delegation is a survival skill for working moms. It’s about knowing when to ask for help and being okay with not doing it all yourself. Whether it’s assigning chores to the kids or dividing household tasks with a partner, it’s all about teamwork.

Feeling Guilty

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Feeling guilty for not being able to attend every school event or bake sale is a common theme among working moms. There’s always that little voice questioning if you’re doing enough for your children. But it’s important to remember that providing for your family and setting an example of a strong work ethic is just as valuable. Each working mom has to navigate her own way through these feelings of guilt and come to terms with them.

Juggling Children’s Lives

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Balancing work and family life is like being a professional juggler. You’re constantly keeping multiple balls in the air, from work projects to your child’s soccer practice. The key is to keep everything moving smoothly without dropping anything important. It’s a skill that garners silent nods of respect from fellow working moms everywhere.

Unexpected Sick Days

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When your child wakes up sick, it throws a wrench into the best-laid plans. Suddenly, you’re rearranging work schedules, doctor’s appointments, and meetings, all while caring for a little one. It’s these moments that test the limits of your resourcefulness and flexibility. “The real MVPs are the moms handling sick days and deadlines,” comments Mike, whose wife is a working mom.

Networking Necessities

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Networking doesn’t stop just because you’re a mom. Attending industry events, maintaining professional relationships, and building new connections are all part of the game. It requires a delicate balance and sometimes, a bit of creativity in scheduling. But these connections are not just for career growth—they often lead to lasting friendships and a support network that understands your hustle.

Remote Work Juggle

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Working from home isn’t always the dream it’s made out to be. It often means taking calls with a muted background of children playing or dogs barking. You become a master at switching hats from professional to parent in a matter of seconds.

Constant Check-Ins

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Checking in with your child’s caretaker or school becomes second nature. It’s the quick texts and calls to ensure everything is running smoothly. This constant vigilance is a layer of connection that keeps a working mom in tune with her children’s day. It’s a practice that comes from love, ensuring peace of mind while away.

Personal Time Trade-Off

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Personal time often takes a backseat when you’re managing a career and a family. It’s the gym sessions that are skipped, or the rare quiet moments that are filled with planning for the next day. Yet, working moms understand the importance of sometimes taking that moment for themselves, even if it’s brief. It’s the self-care that recharges the batteries and keeps everything else going.

Seamless Transition

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Seamlessly transitioning from a professional to a parent is an art form. It’s the quick change from business attire to play clothes, from conference calls to homework help. This switch is done with such finesse that it often goes unnoticed by those around you. But for a working mom, it’s just another part of her daily routine.

Lunch Break Check-Ups

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Lunch breaks are rarely just for eating. They’re also for scheduling doctor’s appointments, calling teachers, or attending school events. These midday moments become a strategic operation for keeping the family life intact. “Lunchtime is my secret weapon for family management,” reveals a mom on a parenting podcast.

Midnight Oil

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Burning the midnight oil isn’t just a saying—it’s a reality for many working moms. After the kids are in bed, it’s time to finish up work tasks or prepare for the next day. It’s a quiet time for productivity, but also a testament to the hard work and dedication it takes to manage both worlds. These late hours are often when the most progress is made, with the moon as the only witness.

Emotional Rollercoaster

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The emotional spectrum of a working mom can range from pride in her career accomplishments to heartache from missing a child’s milestone. It’s a rollercoaster that is ridden with grace, even when the dips are steep. This emotional agility is a quiet strength that is carried like a badge of honor. It’s a ride that every working mom knows all too well.

The Unexpected Career Lessons

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Parenting brings unexpected lessons that are surprisingly applicable to one’s career. From patience to negotiation skills, children teach you a lot that can be transferred to the workplace. It’s this unique perspective that often gives working moms an edge in their jobs. They bring a toolkit enriched by their dual roles, making them invaluable assets to any team.

Prioritization Puzzle

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Every working mom becomes a master at prioritizing. It’s about knowing which school event is a must-attend and which work meeting can be rescheduled. This constant prioritization is a mental puzzle that’s always being solved. It’s a skill that’s honed over time, with the well-being of the family as the ultimate goal.

The Support System

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A robust support system is the backbone of a working mom’s life. It’s the spouse who understands, the friend who steps in, or the family member who lends a hand. This network is invaluable, providing both practical help and emotional support. “My support system is my lifeline,” confesses a mother on a support group website.


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Self-forgiveness is a critical part of a working mom’s journey. It’s about accepting that not everything will be perfect and that’s okay. It’s the realization that being a ‘good enough’ mom and professional is an achievement in itself. This self-compassion is what allows working moms to continue moving forward, embracing both their triumphs and their imperfections.