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A Tyrant Boss’s Policy Backfires When a Clever Construction Worker Takes a Stand for Workplace Rights.

A hardworking construction worker (OP) sparks a rebellion against an unfair policy implemented by his boss, leading to a dramatic drop in company productivity. As tensions rise and solidarity grows among the workers, OP’s actions upend the workplace, leaving the boss in a precarious position.

The Crack of Dawn

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OP works construction and often starts the workday very early. His boss, often guilty of tardiness himself, is fed up with workers showing up even a few minutes past the official start time. He threatens to dock fifteen minutes of pay from anyone who isn’t standing before him at six o’clock sharp.

Forgetfulness Strikes

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OP, one morning, forgets his tape measure in his car and has to go back across the job site to retrieve it. By the time he gets back, it’s one minute past the hour. The boss reprimands him and holds true to his threat, docking OP fifteen minutes of pay.

The Protest Begins

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OP doesn’t take this lightly and decides to protest. He strips off his tools, sits down, and declares he won’t work until 6:15 because he won’t be paid until then. The boss is taken aback but can’t seem to formulate an argument against OP’s logic.

A Stand Against Injustice

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As the boss attempts to argue with OP, OP reminds him that forcing him to work without pay is against the law and that he’s open to taking legal action if necessary. The boss immediately quiets down, and his authoritarian hold on his employees starts to waver.

Worker Solidarity Blooms

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Witnessing OP’s bold stance, other workers are inspired not to take the boss’s tyranny either. They begin texting the boss if they are a minute or two late, stating they’ll arrive at work at 6:15 and not a moment sooner. They, too, refuse to work for free.

A Loss of Productivity

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In their quest to assert their rights, the workers cause a significant drop in productivity. The boss, who initially thought he was saving time by docking pay for latecomers, has actually caused a more significant loss by instigating this mass protest as multiple workers begin to cost the company 1-2 hours of reduced productivity per day.

The Boss Under Fire

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After weeks of low productivity, the boss’s superior takes notice. The superior reprimands him, highlighting the negative impact of his poorly thought-out policy on the team’s efficiency and ability to meet deadlines. The situation puts his leadership skills under scrutiny.

An End to the Tyranny

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The boss, pressured by his superiors and facing widespread resistance from his workers, retracts his ill-conceived policy. Productivity returns to the site as the workers happily resume their regular duties, free from the fear of unfair penalization.

Victory for the Workers

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The incident leaves the workers with a newfound sense of solidarity. Not one worker had accepted the boss’s unjust policy, and together, they managed to ensure its reversal. Their collective victory is a testament to their resilience.

A Target Emerges

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However, the boss harbors a grudge against OP, who initiated the entire episode. Over the next two months, the boss systematically tries to build a case against OP, looking for any minor reason to justify a potential termination.

Personal Turmoil

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During this time, OP’s mother suffers a fall, prompting him to take a few days off work to care for her. This personal situation further strains his relationship with his boss, who sees this absence as another opportunity to strike against OP.

A Forced Goodbye

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The boss takes advantage of OP’s absences, using them as the final reason to fire him. The termination seems to be the culmination of all the accumulated resentments the boss harbors against OP. It’s a bitter ending to OP’s stint at this job.

The Boss’s Reckoning

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The story concludes with OP’s departure, but the echoes of his resistance persist. The workers, having experienced the power of solidarity, are now more prepared to stand up for their rights. The boss’s authority has been challenged, forever changing the dynamics on the construction site. The OP is left wondering if he should fight back or find a new job.

What Should The Man Do?

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The readers in the forum had a lot of mixed views on the matter. Here are some of their responses:

Forum Responded

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One reader said, “Just shows that many managers don’t actually know how to manage. They just know how to bully.”

Another responder wrote: “If they want to play by high school rules where being 5 minutes late is the same as missing the entire first period, then you may as well just skip the first period and get some food and a drink.”

A different person states, “I think it’s time to move on from that toxic environment.”

What Do You Think?

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What are your thoughts on their actions?

What would you have done in this situation?

This story is inspired by this thread.

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