U.S. and China, the top two biggest economies of the world, having G.D.P.s of $23 trillion and $17.73 trillion, have been in a fierce trade war as both countries are competing to become the most dominant nations of the 21st century.

The trade war began under the Trump administration in 2018, and since then, the two superpowers have been trying to pressure each other economically by all means possible. Tariffs have been the most common weapon, resulting in $550 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods and $185 billion on reciprocal U.S. exports.

China’s Spying and Intellectual Property Theft

China is infamous for intellectual property theft and bending the rules, sometimes outright breaking them, especially in regard to trade. Today, you can find counterfeits and fakes of almost any material branded products produced by the Western world sold in China.

This intellectual property theft comes at a staggering cost for the U.S., costing between $225 billion and $600 billion annually. China has exercised these trade and production practices for years, and finally, the U.S. decided to impose tariffs against Chinese exports.

Two Ends of a Spectrum; U.S. And China

While the U.S. economy relies primarily on the service industry, like hospitals, healthcare, banking, and insurance, China has taken a different route and has become a manufacturing powerhouse.

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