He Married Into Millions, But When His Wife’s Investments Tanked Marital Tensions Surfaced

Dear Top Dollar,

My name is Steve, a 30-year-old man from a humble background, married to a woman from an affluent family. When we tied the knot, her net worth was around 31 million dollars, while I had over $150k in student debt.

Per her family’s insistence, we established a prenuptial agreement separating her inheritance from our mutual assets and nullifying my right to an “elective share.” This agreement was meticulously arranged and notarized by lawyers, hers significantly more costly than mine.

At the start, I was fine with this arrangement. Believing in the virtues of self-reliance and hard work, I intended to pull myself up from my situation without tapping into my wife’s fortune. One advantage for me was that our incomes were also separate, and I earned slightly more than she did.

Initial Response

Fast forward to eight years later, I still own a fraction of her current wealth, but her financial standing hasn’t been very rosy recently. Despite my caution against it, she invested heavily in cryptocurrencies and a sizable amount in one called “Monero,” which has plunged over 40 percent from her entry point.

The Tides of Fortune

She also lost a significant chunk of her money when FTX, the exchange she used, went bankrupt. As of now, her net worth stands at approximately 18 million dollars.

Recently, she broke down over the financial losses, accusing me of being indifferent to her predicament. I reminded her that she still possesses significant wealth despite her poor investment choices and that she could stop the high-risk investments whenever she chooses.

The Unraveling

As I pen this letter, I’m seeking your advice on how best to handle this situation. How do I empathize with her financial loss without compromising my principles of self-reliance and financial independence? Is there a way I can assist her without merging our finances?

Seeking Advice

Your situation is indeed complex. The first piece of advice is to be empathetic towards your wife. Despite the financial divide, it is essential to understand her emotions and concerns about her losses. 

Dear Bootstrap Believer,

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