When a Young Waiter Defied a Long-Standing Restaurant Tradition For the Sake of a Shy Patron, He Then Gets Accused of Insubordination and Is Told to Find a New Job

In a tale of principle and prejudice, a young restaurant worker, the Original Poster (OP), battles against an antiquated tradition in his upscale restaurant job, only to face the wrath of an intolerant manager.

His decision to lie about his religious beliefs to circumvent the task sets in motion a series of events that lead to professional ostracism, a damaged reputation, and the bitter taste of betrayal. As the pressure mounts, will OP find a way to reclaim his standing, or will he be forever branded a pariah in his field?

The Start of a Career

OP, a 20-year-old man, lands a job in an upscale city restaurant, hoping to find a place to develop his skills and grow within the company. The restaurant is owned and managed by a father and his son.

The son is an obnoxious figure with a penchant for derogatory humor, especially targeting one particular waiter. He also adopts a demanding management style, refusing to accept fault and engaging in severe micromanagement.

The Unlikeable Boss

OP, sensitive to potential customer anxieties, always inquires whether customers celebrating a birthday wish to have the birthday song sung to them. This protocol is not appreciated by the boss’s son, who insists on enforcing the birthday tradition regardless of customer preference.

The Birthday Dilemma

One of OP’s tables included a young girl. Her parents tell him they are celebrating her birthday, but the girl immediately adds that she does not want to be embarrassed by a birthday song. 

The Shy Young Girl

Defying the boss’s son, OP refuses to sing to the young girl, citing religious reasons as a Jehovah’s Witness, despite being an atheist. The boss’s son eventually has someone else sing, leaving OP off the hook for future celebrations.

Taking a Stand

OP privately apologized to the shy young girl for the unwanted birthday song. Despite managing to bypass the irritating singing tradition, OP is put under intense scrutiny. His actions have irked the boss’s son, who does not let things go easily.

The Unintended Consequences

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