The Rise of Electric Vehicles: An Investment in the Future

As the transition toward electric vehicles (EVs) continues to gain momentum, the industry is taking this green mobility revolution to the next level.

With EV infrastructure becoming more widely accessible, investors are turning their attention to this trend as consumers embrace the new technology.

Shifting Up a Gear

Industry poster child, Tesla, made incredible gains in the stock market, while international players landed with successful IPOs. Brands like Vietnam’s VinFast and China’s NIO continue to make inroads, with VinFast planning to sell 50,000 vehicles this year – nearly seven times more than their total sales numbers for 2022.

These brands’ innovative and fairly priced models are making EVs more accessible to a wider swathe of drivers around the world. NIO is rumored to enter the American market in 2025, while VinFast became the first Vietnamese automaker to sell cars in the U.S. earlier this year.

EVs are about more than just the cars themselves. The supply chain to get electric wheels on the road offers more potentially fertile ground for investment.

Parallel Verticals

Adding exposure to upstream industries like lithium mining to one’s portfolio is one option. The mineral is fast becoming ‘the new oil’ as it is needed to make the batteries that power EVs.

“Aside from EVs, renewable sectors that are good for investment include solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cell technology,” Jorey Bernstein, CEO of Bernstein Private Wealth. “These sectors have similarities with EVs in that they are all environmentally friendly and sustainable sources of energy.”

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