In an unfolding narrative of a 28-year-old man, known as the original poster (OP), an unexpected neighborly conflict arises due to his habit of sleeping without clothes and the disappearance of a tree line that once protected his privacy.

As the tension escalates from mere confrontation to the threat of calling the police, OP stands his ground, defending his rights within his own home.

Will the neighborhood’s expanded boundaries force OP to compromise his personal freedom, or can an uneasy peace be reached?

OP lives happily in a house he chose for its eastern-facing bedroom, which allows him to wake up to the morning sunlight. He’s accustomed to the comfort of sleeping without clothes, a habit unhindered by the thick tree line serving as a natural barrier to his property.

A Comfortable Solitude

The quietude of OP’s neighborhood transforms with the arrival of progress. The lush tree line, once a barrier between OP’s bedroom and the outside world, is cut down to make way for new houses.

The Fall of the Trees

The first new house rises directly across from OP’s, its windows directly facing his bedroom. His freedom to sleep as he pleases, undisturbed and unnoticed, becomes a source of concern. The morning sunlight, once a symbol of peace, now reveals his vulnerability.

The Unforeseen Consequence

Soon after moving in, the father from the new neighboring house pays OP a visit. He politely, yet firmly, requests OP cease his habit of sleeping without clothes as his family can see into his bedroom.

The Intrusive Neighbor

To respect his neighbor’s concern, OP alters his morning routine. He begins his day by dressing before starting his chores, trying his best to maintain his privacy despite the newfound transparency of his living space.

A Forced Compromise

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