Born into a traditional Christian household, the Original Poster (OP) finds herself inheriting her beloved grandparent’s house, stirring up conflict within her family.

Accused of manipulation by her family and with her brother begging her for the house, she faces an intense personal dilemma.

OP is left grappling with the question: Will she honor her grandfather’s wishes or succumb to her family’s needs?

In the beginning, OP, raised in a Christian household with strong traditional gender roles, felt a growing estrangement from her parents due to these restrictive teachings. 

Fraying Ties

Her brother, by contrast, was given preferential treatment. They even referred to him as the “second king of the house.”

OP finds solace and companionship in her grandparents, who live in a secluded, beautiful house named “Missy.” The house, which took her grandparents years to pay off, was a tangible representation of their hard work and love.

A Sanctuary in the Woods

OP’s grandfather’s health deteriorates, worsened by the loss of his wife, OP’s grandmother. Despite this, he resists the idea of having a stranger in his home to care for him. 

An Unfortunate Decline

OP steps in to care for her grandfather. This decision deepens the bond between them, and together they restore the love and laughter in “Missy” that had been missing since her grandmother’s passing. 

Stepping In

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