She Discovers Her Impossible Boss Plans to Fire Her Soon, So She Orchestrates an Office Sabotage to Ruin Him in Front of Clients

In a tale of office politics turned personal, the Original Poster (OP) meticulously plots her revenge against her ungrateful and derogatory boss, Dan.

Culminating in a corporate presentation turned disaster, OP’s ingenious plan unfolds, leaving readers teetering on the edge of the impending fallout.

The Marketing Maze

OP works in a male-dominated marketing department for a company, staying unnoticed and content with her middle-of-the-pack status. Her primary role is attracting big brands for advertising campaigns, work that is often mundane and tedious.

Yet, her complacency is threatened when the undercurrents of office politics begin to brew.

Dan, her aggressive and jock-like mid-level manager, is the cause of most of her professional problems. Despite not being the worst employee, OP frequently finds herself blamed for others’ mistakes or when contracts don’t meet expectations.

Boss Named Dan

To foster unity, Dan arranges teambuilding lunches where he tends to drink beer and indulges in offensive humor. Being one of only three females in the department, OP feels uncomfortable but remains silent to avoid conflict.

Troubling Teambuilding

A friend from another department discloses a conversation he overheard: Dan plans to fire OP and him after they secure a big client contract. While OP must prepare the critical presentation, Dan plans to replace her with a friend from another company. 

Unsettling Whispers

OP’s friend in HR confirms the rumor of her impending termination, turning her resentment into a determination for retaliation. Dan had always been a thorn in her side, from not allowing her time off to get married to his constant undermining.

The Sting of Betrayal

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