When a mid-40s couple planning to retire soon and utilize their accumulated wealth for themselves confide their intentions to their daughters, they’re met with unexpected hostility.

Torn between their pursuit of enjoyment in later life and their children’s resentful reactions, they are left questioning their decisions.

I am in my mid-40s, happily married, and a parent to three kids (20F, 17F, 11M). My wife and I have carved out successful careers, earning around $300,000 annually combined.

Dear Top Dollar,

This has enabled us to provide a comfortable life for our children. However, our financial success also puts us in a position where we need to make some important decisions about our future.

We’re at a crossroads where we could either continue working for another 25 years, save heavily, retire at a reasonable age, and leave a substantial inheritance for our kids, or pivot towards a different path. The latter is what we are inclined to do.

Our Retirement Plan

We wish to retire when our youngest graduates high school, live comfortably, travel more and indulge in the fruits of our labor. We intend to spend most of our savings, leaving only a minimal inheritance for our children.

We have always been of the belief that our kids should not be waiting for an inheritance to secure their futures. We have conveyed to them that they won’t be receiving any financial aid from us as adults, save for half of their college expenses.

Our Philosophy

Recently, after a minor health scare, our eldest daughter queried about our future plans. Upon explaining our financial stance, she became upset, accusing us of prioritizing our enjoyment over their wellbeing.

Conflict Arises

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