Mother Welcomes Her Adult Son to Move Back Home, But She Soon Discovers His Irresponsibility and Must Deliver Him an Unthinkable Ultimatum

In a tense household, the Original Poster (OP) struggles with her 20-year-old son’s irresponsible behavior, amplified by his toxic girlfriend and escalating financial issues.

Torn between her role as a mother and her desire to instill discipline, OP must navigate a world of joblessness, late wakeups, disrespect, and unpaid rent. As tensions reach a breaking point, OP’s decision promises to either mend or shatter this turbulent mother-son relationship.

The Homecoming

OP’s 20-year-old son, jobless and indebted due to his excessive spending, moves back home in February. Unable to afford his rent, he leaves his independent life behind. This marks the beginning of a tense and rocky relationship between mother and son.

To stabilize his situation, OP’s son manages to secure a job three weeks into his homecoming. Despite his desperate financial state, he has already missed four days of work because of oversleeping, thus jeopardizing his newly found employment.

The Job Hunt

Living 45 minutes away from his workplace, OP’s son relies on her for transportation. Having ruined six cars previously, he is left with no means to get to work on his own. This imposes an additional burden on OP, who must wake up at 4:40 am to drop him off at work.

The Drive to Work

She misinterprets OP’s attempts at discipline and responsibility as harsh and uncalled-for. The son and his girlfriend consistently argue that since he’s over 18, OP has no right to intervene in his life decisions.

The Girlfriend’s Influence

Despite living under OP’s roof, the son hasn’t paid his “rent” for two months. The once prodigal son is now a freeloader, exacerbating OP’s financial stress.

The Non-Paying Tenant

The son spends countless hours on his Xbox in his spare time, neglecting household responsibilities. OP demands that he complete extra chores to compensate for his missed workdays.

Gaming Over Responsibility

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