The Original Poster (OP) and her husband find themselves entangled in a family saga surrounding the gender of their newborn baby.

With a persistent mother-in-law spreading misinformation and an unconventional decision to dress their son in ‘girly’ clothes, tensions rise, leading to a dramatic climax.

A Baby Announcement With a Twist

OP, a 30-year-old woman, announced her first pregnancy with great joy. Her mother-in-law (MIL) became convinced that OP was pregnant with a girl, despite OP stating that the gender of the child was yet to be determined.

When OP discovered that her mother-in-law had told the entire family that the expected baby was a girl, she tried to correct the misinformation, but to no avail. MIL suggested that OP was annoyed because she wanted a boy, which was a fabricated tale.

The Misinformation Spreads

MIL added to the confusion by asserting that OP and her husband were naming the baby girl after her own mother. This was a blatant lie, as OP’s husband had a strained relationship with his grandmother, and there was no intention to name their child after her.

A Name Tangled in Contention

The OP’s friends throw her a baby shower, which turns out to be a surprise. As gifts pour in that weren’t on the registry, OP receives items, including embroidered items with the grandma’s name and clothes and decor fitting for a baby girl.

An Influx of Unwanted Baby Shower Gifts

Finally, the baby was born, and to no surprise to the parents, it was a boy. This revelation contradicted all the false narratives spun by the MIL, causing shock and confusion in the family.

The Truth is Born

OP and her husband found themselves with an abundance of “girly” clothes and pink onesies, thanks to the misled family members. Instead of wasting these gifts, they decided to dress their baby in these outfits.

The Pink Wardrobe Dilemma

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