Millionaire Father Offers an Cunning Solution to His Children’s Housing Woes, But His Kids Proposition Puts Their Relationship on the Line

In the face of a volatile housing market, the Original Poster (OP), a self-made affluent individual, attempts to assist his children in buying their homes with an equity-based proposal, sparking a family conflict.

As the market wildly fluctuates, each decision’s consequences ripple through their lives, leading to a climax that shakes their familial bonds and financial stability.

A Thrifty Lifestyle

OP has built a comfortable financial status for himself through hard work and earning over $200,000 annually. Despite his wealth, he opts to spend his money on hobbies such as restoring old cars.

OP’s children, having completed university and now working, encounter difficulty buying their own homes due to the skyrocketing housing market. Their predicament sparks a controversial idea: they approach their father, asking him to contribute financially to their pursuit of homeownership.

The Dilemma

OP deliberates and proposes a plan: He will lend them the necessary money in exchange for equity in the house. This means that if he contributes 25% of the purchase price, he would own 25% of the property.

The Proposal

His daughter, outraged by his terms, criticizes OP’s method, calling him an “a******” for not providing the money as a gift or at least an interest-free loan. She views his approach as unjust and exploitative, further straining their relationship.

The Daughter’s Denial

Contrarily, OP’s son sees the advantage in his father’s offer and decides to accept it. Along with his partner’s savings and a first-time home buyers program, they amass a substantial down payment, acquiring a moderately priced house.

The Son’s Decision

Feeling slighted, OP’s daughter declares her intention to buy a condo she can afford on her own without any assistance from her father. She views this as a dignified response to what she perceives as an unjust situation.

The Daughter’s Independent Stance

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