In a twisted job interview, the Original Poster (OP), a young woman, finds herself facing off against Eddie, the interviewer, whose wildly inappropriate questioning strains the boundaries of professional conduct.

OP, a young professional woman, embarks on an exciting job interview at a promising company. She meets Eddie, the interviewer, whose initial demeanor is welcoming.

The Unexpected Interview

Things quickly take an unexpected turn when Eddie starts asking inappropriate personal questions, making her uncomfortable.

As Eddie’s questions grow increasingly personal, OP tries to keep her composure, not understanding Eddie’s intentions. He asks about her relationship status, eye color, personal time, and even her preferences for men.

Testing Patience and Boundaries

Eddie asks the classic interview question: “What is your greatest weakness?” OP, pushed to her limit, retorts that her weakness is keeping up with his inappropriate questions and maintaining politeness. Eddie is taken aback, visibly upset by her bold response.

Stand Up Against Inappropriateness

The atmosphere of the interview becomes tense, and Eddie abruptly ends it. He accuses OP of having an “attitude” and mentions that will be taken into account when considering her for the job; confused and upset, OP finds the interview unjust, and a heated argument ensues.

The Premature Conclusion

Resolute in her belief that she was wronged, OP seeks out the company supervisor to report Eddie’s conduct. She filed an official complaint, providing a detailed account of the inappropriate questions. 

Raising the Alarm

The supervisor is apologetic, offering to reschedule the interview, but OP is hesitant.

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