Harassed Employee Fights Back Against Toxic Assistant Manager, Cause a Mass Exodus That Shakes the Whole Company

When the Original Poster (OP) faced harassment and unjust treatment from a power-hungry assistant manager, a series of events unfolded, leading to an unexpected climax. Will the OP find justice, or will the chaos continue to escalate?

OP moved to a new city to be closer to their best friend and godchild, taking a job at a home improvement store. Struggling with part-time hours, she also worked overnight at a gym. The OP formed a close bond with their godchild, often helping with childcare.

A New Beginning

A Respected Worker

Despite not having many friends at work, the OP gained respect for her work ethic and willingness to help others. A new assistant manager arrived, quickly proving to be abrasive and confrontational.

The assistant manager fired a coworker over a trivial issue, prompting the OP and others to organize a walkout. Their efforts succeeded in reversing the decision and restoring the fired coworker’s job.

The Walkout

OP finally received full-time status but faced tension with their supervisor over childcare responsibilities. A hurtful rumor about OP’s relationship with their godchild began circulating, with the assistant manager as a possible source.

Full-Time Drama

The manager canceled the OP’s pre-approved holiday plans without explanation. Then weeks later, the OP faced a stressful week of self-isolation due to potential illness and mandatory quarantine, during which they were harassed by management for “taking off.”

Canceled Holidays

A snowstorm led to a family emergency, but management continued to hound OP despite the dangerous conditions on the road. The OP decided to resign, leaving their resignation letter on HR’s desk.

Family Emergency

The OP received a text from the assistant manager that seemed to confirm the manager as the source of the initial hurtful rumor: “We will see how long you can take care of your lovechild without us.”

The Hurtful Message

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