In a complex weave of estrangement and financial obligations, the Original Poster (OP) finds himself at the center of a familial conflict with his son Marty, born from a one-night stand eighteen years ago.

After years of distant financial support, a desperate call for college tuition ignites a heated exchange that forces OP to confront his detached fatherhood.

The story unfolds when OP’s reluctant involvement takes a surprising turn, leaving readers questioning if the strained relationship can find redemption.

OP, a college student, has a one-night stand with a girl named Jade. To their surprise, Jade becomes pregnant and decides to keep the baby. Although he doesn’t like the idea of having kids, OP accepts financial responsibility for the child, Marty.

A Stray Night

Jade, having never found another partner after her encounter with OP, raises Marty alone. She does a commendable job, despite the challenges. OP and Jade remain on friendly terms, with minimal contact between OP and Marty.

A Solo Journey

Now an 18-year-old high school graduate, Marty aspires to attend college. However, tuition is steep, and Jade, a single parent, can’t afford it. This economic hardship prevents her from supporting Marty’s higher education.

The Academic Ambition

Marty, in need, secures OP’s number from Jade and calls him for financial aid. He argues that given OP’s well-paying job, he should at least fund his college tuition and support Marty’s educational needs, a fatherly duty that he’s never undertaken.

The Unexpected Call

OP flatly refuses Marty’s request. He emphasizes that he’s been paying child support and additional money to Jade for Marty’s entire life. After all, his deal was to finance Marty’s upbringing, not to involve himself in it.

The Unyielding Stance

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