In a familial battle for guardianship and inheritance, the Original Poster (OP), a young woman yearning for freedom, challenges her predestined role as the sole guardian of her disabled older sister.

OP, a 23-year-old woman, is designated as the guardian of her disabled older sister. Despite her parent’s insistence, she feels she’s not the best candidate for this role, given her desire to travel and her two older, more financially-established brothers.

A Weighty Inheritance

The Discussion

During a family dinner, OP introduces three potential solutions for her sister’s guardianship and the division of the parent’s estate. She hopes for shared responsibility or a trust that would ensure her sister’s care or sole inheritance with full guardianship.

OP’s parents react strongly to her suggestions, accusing her of trying to shirk her responsibility and of being greedy. They view her attempts to negotiate her sister’s guardianship and the estate as an evasion of her duties.

The Accusations

With tensions escalating, OP suggests a final, radical solution: her complete exclusion from the will, including her sister’s guardianship. The idea is met with anger from her father and tears from her mother.

The Final Proposal

Upon hearing the news, her brothers accuse OP of selfishly trying to monopolize the parents’ inheritance. They see her suggestions as an underhanded attempt to ensure they and their families receive nothing.

The Brothers’ Call

In response to their accusations, OP offers her brothers the entire estate in return for full guardianship of their sister. Despite their earlier complaints, neither brother agrees to take on this responsibility.

The Offer Rejected

OP begins to research legal options and advice, finding out that her guardianship is legally binding if her parents pass away. She is alarmed to learn that she might be legally obligated to provide for her sister without any financial support.

The Legal Implications

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