His Devious Boss Sabotaged His Future at the Company, So He Devised a Wild Scheme to Make His Manager Look Incompetent in Front of the Firm’s Owner

The Original Poster (OP) finds himself undermined and denied a well-deserved promotion by a cunning and manipulative coworker.

As tension mounts, the OP secretly masterminds a plan to sabotage the coworker’s own chances of moving up the ranks.

The Cinema Job

The original poster (OP) starts a job at a cinema, quickly becoming a valued employee and receiving a promotion to supervisor within six months. The general manager and floor managers appreciate OP’s hard work and versatility. After two years, a floor manager position opens up, and OP expects to get it.

When another floor manager named Bob falls sick, OP takes over Bob’s stock-taking duties. OP misses their usual Thursday night poker game but sees the opportunity to learn more about the job. 

The Stock Shift

Bob, a short, fat, balding man with a pierced ear, turns out to be petty and vindictive. He collects incriminating information on OP, including late clock-ins and false theft accusations. This information ultimately costs OP the manager position.

The Manager’s True Colors

During the manager interview, OP is blindsided by accusations of poor timekeeping, safety violations, and customer complaints. Realizing he won’t get the promotion, OP becomes disillusioned with their job.

Denied Promotion

While working on stock duty, OP discovers the file Bob created to undermine him. The file includes images from CCTV, emails, and social media posts. OP is shocked and angry but decides against legal action due to the hassle and lack of payoff.

Discovery of the Dossier

Instead of leaving the job, OP decides to sabotage Bob’s chances of becoming general manager. During a night out with his friends at a bar, they jokingly discuss possible revenge schemes, from keying Bob’s car to burning down his garage.

Revenge Plan

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