Desperate Father with a Sick Son Begs for a Lease Extension, But the Landlord’s Response Leaves Him in a Daze

In a twist of morality and real estate, the Original Poster (OP) is faced with a lucrative offer to sell his rental property, only to discover his tenants are a family dealing with a terminal illness in their young son.

As he grapples with the ethical implications of evicting a desperate family for profit, will he find a resolution or escalate the conflict?

His Father Passing

OP inherits a valuable property from his father after his father dies. Initially, OP is concerned about managing a rental property and taking on “landlord responsibilities.” Initially, OP considers selling the property and has it both listed for sale or rent after inheriting the real estate.

OP is fortunate to find a family that is interesting in the home. Fast forward five years, and the family has been considerate and stable tenants – a couple with a young son. The family is so reliable issues are virtually non-existent. OP feels fortunate he was able to find quality renters, especially after his initial concerns.

A Lucky Inheritance

Although the property has not been on the market for sale for years, a realtor approaches OP, proposing a lucrative deal involving a potential buyer ready to pay $60,000 above the market value. The location of the property makes it attractive, and the offer is too enticing for OP to decline.

A Lucrative Offer

With the potential sale in view, OP informs his tenant, Michael, of the non-renewal of the lease. Michael is stunned and upset, the timing proving less than ideal for the family.

Abrupt Goodbyes

OP learns that Michael’s son, a young child, has a terminal heart condition, and the family is currently in hospice care. The boy has a couple of months to live, and the situation is much graver than OP initially understood.

A Heartbreaking Revelation

Michael asserts his family’s inability to organize a move while the son is in critical condition. He tells OP that he can’t find anything else reasonable in their immediate area and estimates any move would have to be at least an hour away from their current location and medical care.

A Desperate Plea

TOP Dollar Investor

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