When the Original Poster (OP), a mother of four with another on the way, inadvertently reveals a secret college fund, a household conflict ignites.

Her eldest daughter, El, who dropped out of high school and now struggles financially with two kids and a third on the way, lays claim to this money.

Caught in a predicament between providing immediate financial aid or promoting long-term education, OP must navigate through her family’s escalating tension to reach an unpredictable climax.

OP and her husband have diligently saved for their four children’s college education. Yet, the existence of these funds has been kept secret from their kids. 

A Nest Egg Unrevealed

At 16, El became pregnant and dropped out of school. She and her partner have had another child since and another on the way. The couple is financially strained but remains hopeful for the future.

A Twist of Fate

Katie, OP’s second daughter, is accepted into college and learns about her college fund. During a discussion with El, she unintentionally reveals the existence of these savings. This sends a wave of panic through OP.

A Sister’s Unforeseen Revelation

El learns about her own college fund and excitedly informs her fiance about the newfound windfall. This takes OP by surprise as she had planned to split El’s share amongst the other children’s education plans.

The Unintended Beneficiary

El confronts OP about her college fund, anticipating it will alleviate her financial woes. However, OP refuses, stating the funds are meant for education and are in a tax-deferred college savings account. Feeling slighted, El departs in anger.

The Denied Request

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