Cruise Hacking – Low-Cost Travel on the High Seas

With a collection of cruise hacks, savvy travelers are discovering ingenious ways to make their cruising dreams a reality at a fraction of the cost. Now could be the right time to catch the cruise wave.

After mass disruptions triggered by the pandemic, the global cruise industry is back with a vengeance, according to the Cruise Lines Industry Association’s 2023 annual report,

“2023 is the last ramp-up year with 2024 being the truly ‘normal’ year, for real this time,” said Truist Securities Analyst Patrick Scholes in March. Scholes believes the industry is on track again after a solid start to 2023 with reduced price discounting and a surge in bookings.

All aboard?

Cruises are a crucial expense item for many retirees in their optimal retirement plan. To afford such a high-ticket item, would-be travelers can save with an investment plan through a portfolio of high-performing ETFs, investment-grade bonds, or another mixture of assets.

“Cruising offers a unique blend of travel, comfort, and convenience. Particularly for retirees, it could serve as a gateway to a nomadic lifestyle, allowing them to explore the world without leaving the comfort of their ‘home,'” says Jorey Bernstein, CEO of Bernstein Investment Consultants.

Timing is the name of the cruise hacking game. This holds for the average cost of the cruise itself (the same cabin can be much cheaper during the off-season than peak) and when you book. Beat the rush by booking early or late to score a good deal.

“Last-minute cruise deals can be a gold mine but come with inherent risks,” Bernstein adds. “The safer route is to watch deals offered directly by cruise lines or trusted agencies, balancing spontaneity with security.”

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