Cancer Survivor Gets Abandoned By His Partner During His Battle Towards Recovery, But Now That’s He’s Healthy He Unleashes a Revenge Beyond Belief

When a man’s long-term girlfriend abruptly ends their relationship amidst his battle with cancer, he uncovers a betrayal that runs deeper than he ever anticipated. As he seeks retribution, the lines between justice and revenge blur, leaving readers in suspense over the outcome.

The Original Poster (OP) and his girlfriend, both well-established professionals with daughters, had a great relationship. They planned to get married, build a house, and raise their children together.

A Loving Beginning

The Investment

To prepare for their future together, OP started enhancing his girlfriend’s home to increase its resale value, spending around $30K. The agreement was that the payment would be made upon selling the house. 

When they were finalizing the house drawings and looking for a property to develop, OP started feeling unwell. He suffered from loss of appetite, vomiting, passing blood, and noticed a swelling in his abdomen. Going to the doctor, OP commenced a series of tests.

The First Signs of Illness

During this challenging time, his girlfriend was also facing struggles. She was experiencing cognitive issues due to her neurological disease and had to take a less demanding position at work, which led to a pay cut. Their combined medical and financial situation was beginning to strain their relationship.

The Stresses of Life

After weeks of tests and a biopsy, OP was diagnosed with a golf ball-sized stomach tumor. He began chemotherapy and radiation treatments, causing him to become extremely ill. Despite his girlfriend’s initial support, a change was imminent.

The Diagnosis

Given their circumstances, OP suggested that they sell one of their houses, move in together, and use the money and his insurance benefits to finance their needs. He thought this plan could alleviate the financial stress on his girlfriend.

A Change in Plans

OP’s girlfriend abruptly ended their relationship, revealing she could not envision caring for someone as sick as OP in the long term. She broke the news via text, leaving him heartbroken.

The Bombshell

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