Brother Fakes His Medical Aspirations for His Sister’s Benefit, So His Surprise Success Spirals Into a Family Crisis

In a desperate bid to rescue his gifted sister from being suffocated by family obligations, the Original Poster (OP) fabricates a desire to pursue medicine, hoping to rekindle her aspirations.

Their shared journey leads to an emotional rollercoaster, culminating in a high-stakes revelation of OP’s deception and the sister’s triumphant Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score. Just as their family’s reaction spirals into an explosive family feud, the sister makes a critical decision.

The Inspiration

OP’s sister, inherently gifted, dreamed of being a doctor. Acquiring a flawless GPA from a reputable institution, she was well-equipped for the path ahead. However, their parents’ insistence on her joining the family real estate business derailed her ambitions.

After graduation, the parental pressure amplified, nudging her away from her medical aspirations. She sacrificed her MCAT studies to support the family business. However, her potential remained untapped, a predicament not unnoticed by her sibling.

The Detour

OP devised a plan to help his sister regain her path. He expressed a newfound interest in becoming a doctor, seeking her assistance to prepare for the MCAT. OP hoped to reignite his kind-hearted sister’s passion.

The Secret Plan

OP staged an emotional breakdown, wishing his sister would take the MCAT alongside him. Compassionate, she took the bait, deciding to join him for the exam despite her obligations to their parents’ business. 

The Emotional Plea

OP’s sister earned an MCAT score of 525, which was exceptionally good, while OP earned an average score of 508. Overjoyed, the sister declared her intention to apply to med school in the upcoming cycle. The family, taken aback, questioned her sudden decision.

The Joyous Victory

OP admitted to his secret plan that had led to his sister’s renewed ambition to attend med school. While his sister was surprised and grateful, the reaction from their parents was far from celebratory.

The Grand Reveal

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