In an emotionally charged confession, the Original Poster (OP) grapples with the unexpected turns of life, from unwanted fatherhood to an unplanned departure.

Struggling with a loveless parental bond and an irresistible attraction elsewhere, he lands amidst turbulent relationships.

As his past resurfaces years later, on the verge of his daughter’s wedding, the familial conflict reaches a boiling point, leaving the reader in suspense over the fate of the fractured family ties.

OP never desired children, was always careful in his relationships, and confirmed his past partners’ felt the same way. Yet, fate played a cruel trick, and his ex became pregnant; despite his attempts at persuasion, she insisted on keeping the baby.

Unwanted Parenthood

OP moves in with his pregnant ex yet finds love elsewhere in his social circle, in the form of his future wife. His attraction towards her is strong, and an emotional affair begins, leading him to confide in his predicaments

The Unconventional Love Story

OP’s ex gives birth to twins, pushing him into a role he never wanted twice. Six months of trying to bond with and love them yields nothing but growing depression. OP’s life is consumed with dissatisfaction and the looming threat of addiction.

Arrival of the Twins

OP’s wife graduates and plans to move back to California, offering OP a chance to escape his unwanted life in New York. She warns him of the future implications if he doesn’t leave now, potentially causing more pain to the twins in the long run.

The Escape Route

OP confronts his ex about his decision to leave, unraveling his unwillingness to be a father. He moves to California and marries his wife, ensuring to meet his financial obligations for the twins, including child support, education, and extracurriculars.

The Breaking Point

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