There are many countries in the world, but not all are great places to live in. Right? Let’s be honest; relocating or living abroad is more complex than it sounds.

Many factors can make a country a good place for expats, including the availability of job opportunities, affordability, quality of life, healthy life, and safety. Some countries are also known for their welcoming attitudes toward expats and livability.

In contrast, others may face challenges in terms of health infrastructure, crime rate, language barriers, etc., in a foreign country. This list will highlight some of the best countries to live in for expats to consider when looking for a new place to call home.

The Netherlands has consistently ranked the best place to live in the world, especially if you are a family or want to have one. Here is why we gave it the top spot –


Work-Life Balance: Whether you’re single, planning a family, or have kids, the Netherlands gives you work-life balance. If you’re planning to have children, there is good news too. As a mother, you can take 16 weeks of paid holiday; as a father, you can get 5 weeks off at 70% pay.

Education: Not only is the quality of education good, but the number of children with university degrees is high. According to OECD research, 42% of people aged 25-64 (above 37% in all of Europe) have a tertiary degree. Isn’t that something?


The second place goes to Switzerland, a Central European country famous among tourists and one of the best places to relocate. Switzerland has been voted fourth on the list of the happiest countries in the world and no. 1 country on the Human Development Index.

Work-Life Balance: Swiss residents enjoy an outstanding work-life balance. Safety: Switzerland is considered safe for residents and tourists and is almost crime-free.

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